Friday, October 22, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Well after taking some time off of blogging I am going to journal 100 faces in 30 days. Why? Because there are so many great contests for clients and friend to win CASH that i am really excited to get as many into the contests as possible. my website has all the 411 on YOUR WAY TO BEAUTIFUL CONTEST which ends soon. I am doing a marathon at Salon Bruno in the back room, and looking for a meeting room to accommodate a large group. Tonight we have a 25 guest Girls night out party! Also there is the area contest for $1000 cash just for listening to the marketing plan. 411 also on my website. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our first meeting at the new location

Mary Kay in my “life’s mission”. Helping women to feel like they look good helps them to feel better. It is our job to help women feel good about themselves, when that happens then they pass it on to everyone in their lives. When you share products with women you help them to have better, softer, smoother, younger looking, blemish free skin. When you share this opportunity with women you help them to have so much more. In this show case it comes loaded with all the tools to start a business representing Mary Kay.- there are all the samples and disposable items you will need to “do” your first 30 faces. There is close to $350 in retail products in this bag, but there is so much more, cars, Pink Cadillacs , prizes,jewelry, diamonds, trips, FREE trips, graduations, things for your kids that could be considered extras~ then there are the less tangible things like self esteem, self confidence, personal growth, and perhaps the more tangible things like unlimited income and financial security.(In this day and age that is a dream come true!)

Today we celebrated a new meeting location; a professional place we can come and build … this place is to build our businesses to the next level, build each other, support each other- you see as I was writing today’s blog I was reminded that what is the most precious thing in MK to me is each of you. The friendships of a life time, the relationships we develop with our clients, and the retirement accounts that begin with one skin care set and grow each month as nightly our clients wash their faces before they go to bed. So today we celebrated each other, celebrating our stars as we begin a new quarter our final quarter of the seminar year; this is the kick off of our last push to our seminar goals. Today was a day to celebrate my friend Kim who is ahead of me in the 100 FACES race by a good 10 faces!!! And I love it that she is!

Today is the day that we committed our time to our business, our choices to our personal growth, and really committed to not quitting but thriving in an environment that outside our pink bubble is not thriving at all. Let’s do everything in our power to bring back Michigan’s economy but earning cars that are built in Detroit and Lansing. Tonight was about our sisters out there beyond our pink bubble that are losing their jobs, being down sized, who have a husband that may never have a job to go back to, who have bills to pay and kids to feed. Open your hearts to the possibilities that come in the "black bag"; What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring! and The OneThigh Challenge

Sunshine brings colors to the world; the blue of the sky is the most welcome change from the drab gray of winter. As the earth is warming so are the daffodils and crocus popping up in the gardens. If you are like me you start feeling like your wardrobe needs some color and your lipstick needs to brighten up as well. Skin that is winter dull could use some brightening also! That is where a great microdermabrassion treatment would really be great- followed by some extra rich hydrating cream. The right shade of foundation should not look like makeup- so how do you create that sun kissed look without any sun or sun damage? The right shade of bronzer topped off with a sheer blush. Mary Kay has 2 "perfect for all skin tone" shades that are so very sheer that you won't believe it until you try it! That is the wonderful thing about Mary Kay, you always can try before you buy, in fact we encourage that, and you have a satisfaction guarantee too! check out my website to see all the hot new looks and products for spring Did I remember to mention that bathing suit season is coming? Could you get excited about a skin firming cream that not only works but I saw a visible difference in just 2 weeks.

Well, I call it the one thigh challenge; I used the new Timewise Body Firming Lotion on my one thigh.... 2 weeks later I asked the resident expert on my legs (my husband) lol if he noticed. He not only noticed which leg I had used in my experiment he even said it looks noticeably thinner (winner winner) and smoother! BINGO! Give that man a prize! NO, you will not see photos of my 2 legs on line... but you can try it for yourself! It is guaranteed after all, and you have nothing to lose but lumpy legs.....

So what are you waiting for? call me and lets get you into a new look and fix your winter weary skin today!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Planting seeds

As we have experienced our first taste of spring here in Michigan, I have been contemplating planting seeds and gardening. In order for a garden to grow and thrive you need good soil; fertilizer; water; to weed; and to continue to sow seeds if the plant is something like lettuce that you need a succession of continual growth. That is similar to business. Especially when you are selling and building a team. As I continue the 100 FACES in 100 DAYS challenge I am filling my date book with new faces, calling my existing clients, and friends who I have not yet shared the new products with in person and attending more networking events. Yesterday I met with and gave a MK makeover to a new friend that I met at an event that my friend sponsored a couple weeks back. We hit it off right away and I really wanted to get to know her better, you know how sometimes you meet someone that you know you just like right away, that is what happened with Lori. I am so very glad that we had the opportunity to sit down and get to know each other better. She is now the proud owner of a complete miracle set, the firming serum +C and we are getting together with her daughter to help her to have the best blemish free skin she can have. It is wonderful to be able to help young girls have healthy skin!

This coming Wednesday we are involved in a guest program I am very excited about it is called PROJECT STAR POWER: It will be a POWER-PACKED EVENING with three NATIONAL SALES DIRECTORS where guests will learn more about the marketing opportunities in Mary Kay Cosmetics. Guests and consultants alike will be inspired as you listen to their stories and how they built multi-million dollar businesses.
This may be the opportunity YOU have been looking for! I hope you will join us
Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 7:00 pm Doors open at 6:30pm
Sheraton Detroit Novi
21111 Haggerty Road Novi, MI 48375

Please let me know that you would like to join me and I will save you a seat. It has been years since a program of this quality has come to the Detroit area, and who knows when this will happen again!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Faces in a New Way

I have been so busy seeing FACES that I have not taken the time to share with you my story in a few days! Last Friday, was so much fun! I started off meeting a new client who was a referral; she lived in Ortonville (about an hour from me) so we decided to meet at the outlet mall in the parking lot. I pulled up and popped the trunk to my traveling store. She chose the items she needed, and we jumped into the car to fill out forms and try on the new products. $45 later I was on my way down to my next stop in Troy, right off I-75, this stop was a client of mine who was leaving town and needed her foundation, moisturizer and some other "Must haves" before she left for a week. Lucky for me I had it in the trunk! I love this weather, it is not so cold that your products will freeze, it is not so hot that they will melt so in the morning I load the trunk with everything and head out for my appointments. Ginny called as I was heading to do my first appointment so I was able to stop on my way back south to what turned into my 3rd appointment. :>)..... So I pulled into her office parking lot, pulled out a pretty bag, some pink tissue paper, loaded the items into the pretty bag and filled it with pink tissue- off I went into her building to deliver her order. $100 later I left there for my next appointment. Lunch with my husband. I then got back into my pretty pink car and headed toward Royal Oak, a quick stop to drop off an "emergency lip gloss" :>)) then over to Starbucks to meet a repeat client who is using all the skin care and this week wanted to add glamour. She found me from my website- being a STAR CONSULTANT the company sends leads to our personal websites. Megan was directed to me a month ago. Today I went into Starbucks to have a latte and read while I waited to meet her on her ride home. Once she arrived we went to my trunk, at this point I am feeling like a drug dealer or some kind of smuggler selling stuff out of my car! hahaha! Not really but is is funny... we select the colors she likes and jump into the front seat of my car so she can put them on. Love the lit mirror on the passenger side as an option to do makeovers! :>)) So she LOVED her new look and $125 later she has all kinds of glamour and was looking very pretty heading home to her family! Three more faces and a new way to introduce women to my great service!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

These are some of the beautiful women in my Mary Kay unit in the Rochester NY area. I love to travel to see the women in my unit. We have women in Chicago - love it! Arizona and Florida great places to be in the winter! Our newest non Michigan consultant is in North Carolina. I'd love to go to North Carolina!The world is our oyster! It is so cool not to have territories!

Going the extra mile

Well this morning I started my day in 4 miles down the street; at the BNI group. My guest was there~ the only guest! Sad. The good news is that I gave out 5 skin care survey cards. This is the current way I am getting "new faces" to add to my 100 faces. I must admit THIS IS FUN!!! I love playing with makeup! These ladies I am working with love to play with makeup! How much fun is this!?

So today I had an email message from a MK "Orphan" she needed to replace some products, as it turns out they are very old and discontinued so I told her I would be happy to come give her a facial and let her try all the new products to chose what she wanted. Kicker: she lives an hour away. Well I like driving in my cute pink car, that makes the time fly! So this Friday I am going to meet her and pamper her by giving her an update facial and letting her try all the new spring colors! She deserves it!

So I have a question. "Should I name the car?" Lots of people do that. What do you think?